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flintlock pistol

flintlock pistol Patrick
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The price-list and other documents can be downloaded here.
Notes on how to order.

historical information on this pistol

The lock with the main spring/frizzen spring on the outside is more unusual, as main springs on the outside - for reasons of space - could be found more often in multiple barrel flintlock weapons. The movement of the cock is stopped by the firing shield. The flintlock rifle is equipped with a fine direct trigger.
All the lock parts are made using high-quality materials from the full piece. No molded parts are used! In this way, each weapon becomes a unique single piece.

A description of the standard model can be viewed here.

Technical data:
pfeil barrel in cal. .44 smoth or rifled in other calibers
pfeil length of barrel 259 mm
pfeil sight radius 246 mm
pfeil overall length approx. 410 mm (according to grip-size)
pfeil weight approx. 1200 g


Included accessories:
pfeil key for flash-hole inlay Z├╝ndlocheinsatzschl├╝ssel
pfeil manual

Optional accessories:
pfeil bullet mold bullet mold
pfeil flash-hole inlay of special rustproof inox flash hole
pfeil loading hammer with cleaning jag loading hammer with cleaning jag
pfeil powder funnel powder funnel

grip size Patrick Additional charges for grip-size (fitting trigger distance, etc.) (drawing of your hand) suitable for shooter.
There is a wide choice of different precious woods, which can also be covered with checkering.

Patrick engraving   Patrick engraving

Engravings and gold-inlays are available in different variations.

Unterhammerpistole Billinghurst mit Monogramm in Feingold (24kt) Unterhammerpistole Billinghurst mit Monogramm in Feingold (24kt) Unterhammerpistole Billinghurst mit Monogramm graviert Unterhammerpistole Billinghurst mit Monogramm graviert Unterhammerpistole Billinghurst mit Monogramm
No. 1 No. 2 No. 3 No. 4 No. 5
24ct- gold monogram monogram engraved monogram engraved
in crest

The weapon is proof-fired in the proofhouse Suhl and shows the stamp woth sole and pick.
Suhl is the oldest proofhouse in Germany, it was founded in 1893 as the Royal Prussian Proofhouse zu Suhl.

Your individual wishes are most welcome!

Here you can find notes on how to order and information on cleaning and maintenance.



Order form muzzleloader underhammer pistol Billinghurst order form Patrick pdf file size 50 KB

Drawing of your hand drawing of your hand pdf file size 70 KB

Drawing of your handflyer flintlock pistol Patrickpdf file size approx. 3 MB

price-list muzzleloader underhammer pistol Billinghurst price-list Patrick pdf file size 50 KB

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Please note that all descriptions, measurements and weights on these pages may vary slightly due to individual manufacturing.


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