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underhammer rifles, underhammer pistols
muzzleloader underhammer pistol Billinghurst
muzzleloader underhammer pistol Optimum
muzzleloader underhammer pistol Graves
muzzleloader underhammer pistol Davis
Flintlock pistol Tatham & Egg
Flintlock pistol Patrick
muzzleloader underhammer rifles Billinghurst Whitworth and Vetterli

      Tilo Dedinski Vorderladerwaffenbau - Germany

underhammer pistols, flintlock pistols and flintlock rifle

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underhammer pistol Billinghurst
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underhammer pistol Optimum
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underhammer pistol Davis
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underhammer pistol Graves
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Tatham & Egg
Flintlock pistol Tatham & Egg
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Flintlock pistol Patrick
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Pistols with underhammer systems
persuasive advantages
dot central free-floating barrel
dot fastest ignition by shortest distance between
cap and powder charge
dot exact ergonomic stock form
dot reliable functions and longevity due to fewer parts subject to wear

The weapon is proof-fired in the proofhouse Suhl and shows the stamp woth sole and pick.
Suhl is the oldest proofhouse in Germany, it was founded in 1893 as the Royal Prussian Proofhouse zu Suhl.


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