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muzzleloader underhammer rifles Billinghurst Whitworth and Vetterli

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With one click, you can reach the desired weapon model directly.
underhammer pistol Billinghurst
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underhammer pistol Optimum
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underhammer pistol Graves
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underhammer pistol Davis
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Tatham & Egg
Flintlock pistol Tatham & Egg
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Flintlock pistol Patrick
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Whitworth 100m
underhammer rifle whitworth
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Vetterli 50m
underhammer rifle Vetterli
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long range rifle
Long Range underhammer rifle Billinghurst
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flintlock rifle
Flintlock rifle Tatham & Egg
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The weapon is proof-fired in the proofhouse Suhl and shows the stamp woth sole and pick.
Suhl is the oldest proofhouse in Germany, it was founded in 1893 as the Royal Prussian Proofhouse zu Suhl.

Each weapon is made by hand according to your wishes. Based on individual parts, you can obtain a view of the processes of my production here.

You can find an assortment of all my products "rifles and pistols" on the following pages. In the meantime, you have surely noticed that as from here the buttons in the left frame have changed. You have the opportunity to download flyers, price-lists and order forms at the end of each discription of a particular weapon model. Very interesting test reports checking my products and printed in popular weapon publications can also be found here.






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