instructions for cleaning and the maintenance of my underhammer rifles

  • Before firing the first shot of each shoot, dry-wipe the barrel to remove any oil residues from cleaning and conserving
  • Loading: The loading data of the individual models vary. These are sent to you on delivery together with the instructions.
  • Wipe the barrel damp after every shot. The patches should be of cotton and be well dampened with a mixture of Ballistol and water (3% Ballistol). When cleaning, the patches have to leave the barrel with an almost black colour. If they are gray, however, the patches are too damp! Wipe again with the second side of the patches.
  • The process is repeated from the point "Loading". Important: After every shot, it should be checked that no old primer has remained in the hammer, to allow the striking power of the hammer to meet the new primer at full force during the next shot.
  • After shooting and while still on the shooting range, the barrel of the gun should immediately be wiped several times with a damp cloth and oiled slightly. The outer visible traces of powder on the barrel and cock should also be wiped with a damp cloth and oiled slightly.
  • At home, separate the barrel in the following way from the system by removing the hardened conical pin:
    • leave the hammer for the strike on the conical pin on the nipple
    • push out the conical pin from the left with the enclosed punch (when looked at from the shot direction)
    • span the hammer and hold tightly (to prevent unchecked firing)
    • pull the barrel out of the system, release the hammer carefully! (Do not fire when empty!)
  • Screw out the nipple and clean separately with hot water.
  • Pump the barrel vigorously in hot water (not boiling) in an upright position with a cleaning patch. Clean the powder chamber with a suitable barrel brush made of plastic.
  • Wipe the barrel dry thoroughly. If necessary, blow any remaining water out of the powder chamber with compressed air. A further possibilty is: fill a cap full of acetone into the barrel (barrel vertical and hold nipple thread shut). After a short time, allow the acetone flow out through the nipple thread.
  • Slightly oil the barrel, only wipe all the other parts and oil slightly. Do not spray the oil into the muzzle or through the nipple thread into the powder chamber! The powder chamber has to remain oil-free! Only wipe all the other parts and oil slightly.
  • Screw in the nipple with Teflon tape, in this way, the piston cannot burn hard (only pull the piston slightly!).

Should you not shoot for a longer period, wipe the barrel now and again with an oily cloth.

Now some instructions on adjusting the sight of my underhammer rifle

Height adjustment

Gun shoots too high: Turn the adjusting screw on the rear sight to the right (clockwise) corresponding to the deviation on the target (gun shoots too low – turn to the left)

Lateral adjustment

Gun shoots to the right: turn the horizontal adjusting screw on the sight corresponding to the deviation on the target to the right (clockwise).

Gun shoots to the left: turn the horizontal adjusting screw on the sight corresponding to the deviation on the target to the left (anti-clockwise).

Please note: the mounted nipple is especially adjusted to suit your gun and for the use of CCI Percussion caps No. 11. To guarantee impeccable functioning, it is meaningful to order replacement nipples from me. Nipples from other manufacturers can sometimes lead to problems with the ignition and therefore to a lack of shooting performance!

Instructions on disassembling the stock and adjusting the trigger PDF Dateigröße 95 kb

Wishing you a lot of pleasure shooting

Tilo Dedinski

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