Notes on how to order the flintlock pistols Tatham & Egg and Patrick

1st step:
You may order by email or, by using the order form, by post. Here you can download the order form order form !
Please fill in the order form giving as many details as possible. If available, please enter your email address. This makes communication much easier.
Any open questions can best be discussed directly with me by email. This also gives me the chance to get to know your requirements exactly and allows me to make a suitable weapon for you. In addition, I can also give you information in regard to the delivery date.

2nd step:
Fill in the order form as far as possible. Please name your email address, if available. This makes communication considerably easier.
Open questions can best be clarified by email with me. This allows me to get to know your wishes exactly and allows me to make a suitable weapon for you. In addition, I can give you some details about the delivery date.

3rd step:
To be able to make a suitable grip for you, it is necessary for you to make a corresponding drawing of your hand available in the download "Instructions for making a drawing of your hand" pdf.

4th step:
After receipt of your order and the drawing of your hand, you will receive a written confirmation of order from me. Here you will find details of your order.

As a final step, please transfer 1/3 of the total price as a deposit (bank details will be sent with the confirmation of order).

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