here are some notes on ordering rifles

1st step:
You may order by E-mail or, by using the order form, by post. Here you can download the order form PDF !
Please fill in the order form giving as many details as possible. If available, please enter your E-mail address. This makes communication much easier.
Any open questions can best be discussed directly with me by E-mail. This also gives me the chance to get to know your requirements exactly and allows me to make a suitable weapon for you. In addition, I can also give you information in regard to the delivery date.

2nd step:

If you cannot come pass to fit the stock length yourself, the stock length can also be determined via any other rifle already available. For this, please consult the following instructions. To help with measuring, the aid of a second person is required.

Aids required:
- Rifle
- Shooting jacket
- Ruler or measuring tape
- Sellotape
- Cardboard strip 40mm in width

In the case of a flintlock rifle Tatham & Egg made by myself, the distance measured horizontally from the trigger to the tang sight is 40mm:

stock length

To simulate the 40mm on the rifle available to you, stick the cardboard strip to the rifle stock. Apply the strip as can be seen here:

stock length

Remark: Please use the shooting jacket for measuring to achieve a correct result. Pay attention that your head is in the proper position depending on the discipline. For the position when standing, it is important that the head is kept as upright as possible.

Put the rifle into position with the shooting jacket. Here, it is important that you carry out the measurement firing position for which you would like to order the rifle. Also for the disciplines standing and analogue in the lying position. The following picture shows the standing firing position.

The second person now measures the distance A from the aiming eye to the cardboard strip.

What I need from you:
- the distance A from the aiming eye to the cardboard strip
- the stock length S of the rifle you are using
- which eye distance to the tang sight you prefer

stock length


3rd step:

After receipt of your order, you will receive a wriiten order confirmation from me. In this, you will find details of your order.

As a final step, please transfer 1/3 of the total price as a deposit (the bank details will be sent with the order confirmation).


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