From raw material to finished piece

Many interested people and customers often ask how my weapons are made.
In the following I would like to show the way from the raw material to the finished piece by using a breech tail and a trigger housing.

First of all, the machining of the raw pieces takes place on a conventional lathe and milling machine - without CNC controls.
The hand of the person carrying out the work is required already during this working step, without which the conventional machine does not move. Each size has to be set by hand and feed started by hand.
Although the machine does the hardest work, it cannot replace the skill and the trained eye of the master, however, and also not his love of detail. So it is and remains the finishing of the individual weapons parts by hand which is the most time-consuming working stage.

In this way, each weapon becomes unique - finished for you - quality for generations.
In contrast, a weapon made in mass production is a weapon without a soul. The weapon made by hand is full of life and the expression of the demands made by its owner.


spacer Manufacturing the breech tail(Rifle)



The material is delivered to me in lengths of 6 meters by the steel wholesaler.
The material part is sawed first of all.
Weight 1.23 kilograms.



This is then lathed and machined. Here a considerable part of the original material is milled.



In the next step, the upper shape of the breech tail is sawed.



Now the lower shape of the breech tail is sawed as well.


To give the part the final shape, filing has to take place.
The breech tail now only weighs 130 gram in this state!
spacer Now the trigger housing has to be made



In this case, too, the raw part is first sawed.
Weight 391 grams.



Then milling and boring takes place.
1 In the next step, the lower shape of the housing is sawed.






Filing has to take place here as well, to give the part its final shape.
The housing now weighs only 72 grams!
Main Spring



Links: gesägtes Federstahlstück,
Mitte: bereits auf Breite gearbeitet
Rechts: vorgefräster Federrohling.
Federrohling Warm (glühend) auf Form gebogene Feder
Anschließend wird sie auf die engültige Form gearbeitet,
gehärtet, angelassen und geschliffen.
Milling the barrel
Billinghurst underhammer rifle oval system
Billinghurst Underhammer rifle oval breech end links das vorgedrehte Rohteil, rechts die aus dem Vollen fertig hergestellte Schwanzschraube




Billinghurst Underhammer rifle oval standing breech

Basküle vorgefräst  


Billinghurst Underhammer rifle oval standing breech

Die ovale Form wurde gefräst.  



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